ping pong is for cats (and very drunk people)

ping pong is for cats (and very drunk people)

july 14, 21, 28

5959 Franklin Avenue (at Tamarind)

street parking

1pm - whenevs

$10 buy ins each for ping pong & beer pong tourneys (all $$ to Arthritis Foundation)

aubreycat: let's get everybody hammered and play on the roof
johne: no
aubreycat: please?! we can play ping pong
johne: no
aubreycat: but why?
johne: because i said no, and because i know it's just your secret way to ask my friends to donate to the bike ride.
aubreycat: i'll be good i promise!
johne: no, i don't want to beg my friends for money
aubreycat: please?! we can drink scotch
johne: ok, but only if it's in the name of rheumatology

don't be cheap. we're tracking you.